Emma Haworth’s paintings are stories usually set in a park or green space within a city. These areas are welcoming havens for all people and wildlife, places of sanctuary and refuge from the city. The spaces are a constantly changing backdrop with the seasons, weather and passage of time affecting all that pass through them.

The narrative in Haworth’s paintings may draw from poems, fairy tales, novels or biblical stories that have a relationship with our contemporary society. Although built upon observation, her paintings are fictional scenes. She visits the park  at various times of the day and year observing the different types of people, wildlife and birds that use it. Noting how the atmosphere can change as day turns to night and summer turns to autumn. 

Back in her studio Haworth brings together the images of the things she has seen; the people, birds, animals, plants and flowers. Then creates a more timeless imagined image with a deeper meaning. The scenes she paints are magical, full of secrets and hints of stories. 


MA in Drawing in the Fine Art Practice, Wimbledon School of Art
BA ( Honours) in Fine Art , Surrey Institute of Art and Design

Born in Plymouth Emma lives and works in London and is represented by the Rebecca Hossack Gallery and is a member of the Royal Watercolour Society based at the Bankside Gallery.